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Frequent asked Questions


Can You help?
Very often we can, please phone: (0034) 630794369 or


What makes the Lions Golf Tournaments so special?
Since 2014 a series of professional organized events have provided an opportunity for Lions golfers to play competitively in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on some of the most renowned courses. The tournaments are a combination of golf – culture & sightseeing – social gatherings – business talks – wine & dine at the nicest spots on this planet.

This has been my greatest golf experience”. says Gary Foertsch from USA as the winner of the Lions Golf World Championship 1st category, held 2015 at the five star Villa Padierna Golf Resort in Spain.

Who can play?
All golfers, male and female, Lions and None Lions, of all levels of ability with a handicap of - 36 and better are welcome to play in these events. All we insist on is that you are a member of a golf club and you have a handicap issued by a recognized golf club or golf association.


How can you enter the event?
On the home page of you get detailed information on each event.
If you like to join, please click on the Booking button and follow the instructions.
You also can send us an e-mail: or phone: (0034) 630794369.

What are the Conditions of Play?
Play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf published by R&A Limited and the Conditions of Competition and Local Rules.
The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf are in effect as regards Driving Clubs, Conforming Golf Balls and Time of Starting. Men play of yellow tees and Ladies play of red tees, Senior amateurs of 70 years and older play of blue tees, senior amateurs of 80 years and older play of red tees.
In the event of a tie the player with the most points of the last round will win, if the last round points are also identical than the last 9 holes, 6 holes or 3 holes will count with the most points played.


What is the playing format?
Competition format is individual Stableford with full handicap allowance. The maximum playing handicap is -36 for men and ladies.

Are Buggies allowed?
Yes, during most of the tournaments buggies are obligatory.

How many rounds for a competition?
We are organizing from one day up to five day events where we have next to the competitive golf also culture events with lot of entertainment.


What kind of prizes can you win?
There will be always nice prices at least for the top three winners of each category. The prizes will be given always at the final gala dinner and it is compulsory for the winners to be present at the prize giving. Normally the ladies and men golfers are competing for the same prizes.


Who organizes the Lions Golf Events?
The Tournament Director is Dr. Volker Bernhardt who has been a golf professional for over 40 years. He has seen the world through the golf game by playing in tournaments and organizing Gary Players Golf Academies and big golf events. With a team of strong helpers and the strong support of his wife Angelika he makes sure that the chosen venues are high class and the tournaments are run on a professional level.


Is there a Charity aspect behind the golf events?
One of the main reasons to organize the golf tournaments is to collect money for the Lions Clubs International Foundation to support the different worldwide activities for the people in need. Therefore we ask the Lions Clubs in the areas we have the golf tournaments for support and help organizing sponsorship for the LCIF fund.

What is the role of LCIF?
Lions Clubs International Foundation is helping and supporting the big Lions Golf Events with marketing activities like banner placements at the Lions conventions and by sending out the information to the Lions members.


Can you invite friends to play?
It is always a great pleasure to see new players in our events. Most of our new participants like our tournaments so much that they even become real Lions members to take part in more of the Lions Golf Event competitions.

"We enjoy playing and celebrating with the Lions!” said Robert Jenkins who is not yet a Lion member.

Join us for a great time - meet new Lions, let us play golf and socialize together and learn more about the history and culture of the many different countries.

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